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[02/13/12] Jimi Hendrix made out of 5000 guitar picks...


This Jimi Hendrix mosaic was created by artist Ed Chapman. Last month, it was auctioned (sold for £23,000) at the Cancer Research UK’s Sound & Vision event at Abbey Road Studios.

[08/25/11] New tee! Thanks...


We just released a new tee called Thanks. It's based on those little plastic 'Thank You' bags you get at the dollar store. Pretty simple and straighforward, but we really like it. They're only $16, so snatch one up!

[08/24/11] New prints for Ishi

This is probably our 5th round of shirts for Dallas based electro-sleaze act, Ishi. Their shirts are always well designed and they rarely, if ever, reprint which is pretty cool. Here's two new ones. Left is a 3-color print and right is a 6-color with a softening additive for a more vintage look & feel. 

[08/24/11] Ode to Screen Printing

[08/23/11] New prints for Barcadia

We've been printing for Barcadia, a local dive/arcade here in Dallas, basically since they opened in 2008. Seen here is a relatively simple 3-color print on the left, and the cowgirl, a 5-color simulated process print.

Here's our friend Ryan explaining how to do simulated process color separations in Photoshop.

[02/24/10] Red & Scotty Boy - 4am In Vegas

DJ Red & Scotty Boy - 4am In Vegas

Our long time friend Ryan McKay aka DJ Red has just released 4am In Vegas, a collaboration with DJ Scotty Boy (ranked #5 DJ in America). Red has been one of our biggest supporters over the years – if you look closely you can spot him wearing our Cassette shirt on the album artwork.

The release also features remixes from Donald Glaude, Scooter & Lavelle and a few others and is definitely worth a download. Check it out on Beatport here.

[02/17/10] Meat Katie (and me) in Dallas on March 4th...

Meat Katie at Shade (Dallas)

As long as I’ve been DJing I’ve wanted to open for Meat Katie, and now, 8+ years later, I get to do it. Here’s the info…

Thursday, March 4th @ Shade
2114 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206-7126
(214) 828-9889

Meat Katie (Lot 49)
also featuring
LOCKLEAR (Junkytees)

[02/09/10] DJ Culture...

Junkytees in DJ Culture

Here’s a pic of one of our tees inside DJ Simply Jeff’s record store, DJ Culture in Hunnington Beach, CA. Thanks for the support Jeff!

[02/09/10] Dirtybird 5 Year Anniversary...

Here’s a clip of Claude von Stroke at the Dirtybird Records 5 year anniversary party last weekend. Sure wish we could have made the trip to San Franciso. I hear that everyone was pretty happy with the tees we printed (the one Claude is wearing). I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback on the design they used, so hopefully we can start selling them here pretty soon.

[02/05/10] Lazer tees...

Specs: all prints are 3-color plastisol w/ soft hand additive

Here are a few more tees we just printed for Lazer, the band. We distressed the original artwork using the Machine Wash plugins for Photoshop (which I highly recommend). Additive was mixed with the inks to soften the prints, which we think came out great. The Lazer guys are funny and crazy, so check ’em out here:

[02/02/10] Dirtybird Records & Ishi prints...

Dirtybird Records Apparel
Dirtybird Specs: 2-color plastisol print

Ishi - Dallas
Ishi Specs: 3-color soft hand plastisol print with discharge base

I don’t usually post pics of the stuff we’re doing for other people, but several people have been hounding me about it. So…here are a few recent print jobs we’ve done. This first is for the Dirtybird Records 5 year anniversary party this weekend in San Francisco. The second is for the Dallas indie band, Ishi. I think both prints came out great!

[01/07/10] Junkytees + Rhythm

Junkytees + Rhythm Skateboarding

Well…it’s official. We have teamed up with Rhythm Skateboarding to bring you an original line of skate apparel & decks. We’re kicking things off with 8 different shirt designs and 1 skate deck design (with various color options). I’ll be interested to see how this all develops throughout the year, but you can count on more tees and more deck designs in coming months.

Rhythm Skaters

[12/23/09] Rhythm T-shirt on MTV

Our buddies at Rhythm Skateboarding got some free advertising on the MTV trailer for the new reality series My Life As Liz. Word on the street is the shirt will be featured in the title credits of the show as well, so kudos to Donny and the Rhythm gang!

The shirt design is a play on the old Run DMC logo. We’re working on making them available through this site very soon along with several other Rhythm tees, so watch out!

[12/17/09] Cross Your Tees...

Cross Your Tees Screen Printing

We’ve been printing tees for bands, DJs, businesses and individuals just about as long as we’ve been printing our own stuff. At some point we realized that it was necessary to separate the two entities, so we came up with Cross Your Tees Printing & Design Studio.

We currently offer our screen printing services as well as web/graphic design services, concert-style screened posters, flyers/cards, and a few other things. Check our new site and feel free to contact us if you’re thinking about having something printed.

[12/01/09] Kareem Campbell & Citystars

Kareem Campbell - Citystars Skateboarding

Kareem Campbell has been skateboarding professionally since 1992, which makes him a well known veteran – you probably remember him from the Tony Hawk video games. He recently approached us to see if we were interested in doing some printing for his 7 year old clothing label, Citystars.

We were pumped about the opportunity, and as difficult as the print was (we had to use a 25″ × 36″ screen!), we managed to pull it off. Check out the Big Star and other designs at Kareem’s website,

Junkytees printing Citystars tees

[11/20/09] Another Dimension & String Theory EP's

Josh & I were asked by Moove In Records of Portugal to do an EP a few months back. We ended up using an older track of ours called Another Dimension, but updated it by doing a more up to date tech remix. Both mixes are now available on Beatport and other digital download sites.

A few months before all that, our friend CC Rock, who we’ve partied with at WMC the past 3 years, launched String Theory Recordings. We were excited to be a part of the first release, String Theory EP, which is avaiable on iTunes and other fine sites.

[11/17/09] Rhythm Skate Shop

Rhythm Skate Shop

Rhythm Skateboarding

We’ve recently teamed up with Rhythm Skateboarding in Watauga, Tx. We’ll be working with the owner, Donnie, to release some new Rhythm designs and merchandise, and on the flip-side, he’ll be stocking Junkytees and Deathray stuff in his shop.

They have a some killer original merchandise, a variety of Rhythm skate decks and a great skate team as well… We’re really looking forward to working with these guys. If you happen to be in the area definitely stop by.

5725 Watauga Road
Watauga, Tx 76148

view map

[10/12/09] The Apocalypse - 10/30/2009

The Apocalypse, Dallas, Tx

Some of my best friends in Dallas throw this Halloween party every year, and believe me, it’s one of the best parties of the year. The costumes are insane and the music rivals that of any party in town. I’ll be DJ’ing at some point during the night as well. We’ll also have a limited quantity of Apocalypse tees at the party, so grab one while you can… Hope to see you there!

Check out past events at

[09/16/09] Locklear & Poppin - Down So Hard EP

Locklear & Poppin - Down So Hard EP

I guess I should have posted this a while back- Our lasted musical release on Digiprana Records (New York) became available on July 28th of this year. You can listen to the first track below, or purchase either of them on Beatport or a host of other download sites.

I created the album cover using a NASA photo of an orbital debris hole, which coincidentally, is a pretty interesting thing.

more orbital debris graphics

[09/09/09] Divas Aftermath, Reid Speed video

Divas crowd shot
Divas crowd shot

Junkytees crew with Reid Speed and Miss Lisa
Image 1: Me with Reid Speed, Image 2: Me, Miss Lisa & Poppin at our booth

We had a pretty good time at Divas last Saturday aside from showing up late and having to set up our booth in the 2nd room (which ended up being a good thing, I think). As always we enjoyed hanging with Reid as well as meeting her friend Anna Love, an up-and-comer in the dubstep scene. We also bumped in to Miss Lisa, who I haven’t seen since about 2003 in Houston. Great catching up with her as well.

Check out this video of Reid playing dubstep & house on Sugar Hooker T.V. Notice her new Adult Stories t-shirt – part of our new Deathray of Sunshine line.

[08/31/09] Divas, LMFAO Pics...

Divas Austin, Texas
Click here to view full flyer

We will be in Austin again this weekend for another Massive Intent event called Divas. It’s an all female lineup and we’re really looking forward to seeing one of our sponsored artists and friends, Reid Speed. If you happen to be attending swing by our booth and say hello!

We had an interesting time at the LMFAO show this past weekend. Slightly different crowd then we are used to being around, but everyone was pretty receptive. Here are a few pics from the night…

Junkytees @ LMFAO
LMFAO onstage with about 150 other random people

Junkytees @ LMFAO
Me, Rick and Josh in front of the booth

Junkytees @ LMFAO
Wall of tees

[08/21/09] Deathray of Sunshine Launch Party

Deathray of Sunshine Launch Party

Join us on Friday, August 28th, at 8pm at the Soda Gallery in Dallas for the Deathray of Sunshine Launch Party. Artist Jonathan Kimbrell will be on hand, as will we. Complimentary drinks and house music provided by myself and a few friends.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the designs you can look forward to…these will be available by the first of next week.

Deathray of Sunshine Preview

[08/07/09] I'm in Dallas, bitch.

LMFAO at Palladium

We are on board as an official sponsor of the LMFAO show coming up on August 29th at the Palladium in Dallas. Thanks to the guys at Social Pulse for working out the details so we can set up a booth and sell tees at the event.

[08/07/09] Junkytees @ Funtastic Voyage

Funtastic Voyage front    Funtastic Voyage back
click images for more info

We’ll have a booth set up tomorrow night at the Funplex in Houston for the Funtastic Voyage party. I’m looking forward to spending a few days in my old stomping ground. We’ll have a chance to kick it with some old friends at this party – Simply Jeff, Donald Glaude, Uberzone, Randall Jones…so many of our buddies in one place!

If you happen to be there, stop by and say hello.

[08/05/09] Deathray of Sunshine

Deathray of Sunshine

Once again Jonathon Kimbrell, prolific as ever, is working with us to develop yet another line. He says, “In addition to my original ‘Factory Trash’ name that is my nod to Warhol, another branch of my shirt designs (that entail retro kitsch and what-not) will go by the brand of Deathray of Sunshine”.

There are some great designs under construction which should be ready within the next few weeks. Also watch from collborations with Elite Force and Starkillers. Merch will be available very soon.

Elite Force:

[05/18/09] Telephone Print Co. Debut

Telephone Print Co.

These are the first two prints in a series of limited edition tees inspired by Andy Warhol. We’ve been working on ideas with artist Jonathon Kimbrell and expect to add several prints to his series in coming weeks. We’re only printing 50 of each design, so order while they’re in stock!

Visit Telephone Print Co. store

[05/17/09] Factory Trash line coming soon...

We have begun work with artist Jonathon Kimbrell of Napkin Art Studios to develop a new line called Factory Trash. The line will feature limited edition apparel, posters, and other hand printed goods. Jonathon will also being working on some new designs for us which will be released under the Junkytees label. Watch for new stuff to pop up in coming weeks. In the meantime, check out Jonathon’s website and blog.

[04/15/09] WMC Aftermath...

Junkytees @ WMC 2009

Image 1: Me and Poppin’ tending to the booth, Image 2: Sex, Drugs, & House Music!

This post is a bit late, but nonetheless, we had a great time at WMC this year. Our t-shirt booth was a huge success! We were able to spread the good word of Junktyees to people from all over, and got to enjoy some ridiculously good tunes at the same time.

Junkytees @ WMC 2009
Image 1: Carl Cox & Friends, Image 2: Me with random chicks

In fact, things went so well that we are making plans to set up shop at DEMF this year as well. You can view more pics of our booth and the festival at Tonic Photo and on my myspace page.

Can’t wait for next year! (comment)

[03/19/09] Junkytees @ Ultra Music Festival 2009

Junkytees at Ultra Music Festival

We will have a t-shirt booth set up at the Ultra Music Festival on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th during the Winter Music Conference.

If you happen to be attending be sure to stop by and say hello! Look for the BIG Junkytees banner.

[02/08/09] Junkytees on Tour with The Prodigy

Junkytees on Tour with the Prodigy

Our buddy Rob Holliday (left) has been playing guitar with The Prodigy throughout their 2008/2009 world tour. Here he is riding around wearing our Grenade tee. We’re hoping to dig up some more shots of him in action. In the meantime, check out more tour pics here. (comment)

[01/12/09] Happy New Year - New Designs for 2009

DJs Don't Share NeedlesSex, Drugs & House Music

We’re back from our extended vacation and gearing up to take on 2009. We’re starting off by releasing 2 new ones, DJs Don’t Share Needles and Sex, Drugs & House Music These won’t be shipping until the first week of February or so, but feel free to pre-order today.

We’ve upped our printing capabilities and will be using water-based and discharge inks on lots of our new designs, so be on the lookout for some super soft prints this year. (comment)

[07/11/08] Electro is Dead

Electro is dead, buddy

I have long been fascinated with the life of Kurt Cobain…which brings me to our newest Junkytee. I went through 3 or 4 different drafts of this design before I decided to just rip off the ‘grunge is dead’ shirt that Kurt wore at the height of the whole grunge thing. Sometimes it’s better to keep things simple. Death to electro! (comment)

[06/12/08] Beat Generation


Our latest creation is a tip of the hat to the ‘ol Beat Generation…you know, Kerouac, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Cassady… I’d be lying if I said the spelling of Junkytees wasn’t a tribute to the alternative spelling of the Burroughs novel, Junky. Availble on an American Apparel V-neck for now, but others options will follow. (comment)

[04/13/08] Drop Beats, Reid Speed

Drop Beats Not Bombs

A lot has been going on in the last few months! We’ve just released a new tee called Drop Beats which was a hit at WMC this year. We’ve also recruited some new DJs and models to represent our label.

First up is Reid Speed from Los Angeles. She’s been wearing quite a few of our tees at her gigs lately. She’s pictured here at the Baltic Room in Seattle (image 1), and at Ultra Music Festival 10 with me (image 2).

We also have a new model from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida named Lindsey (image 3). She owns Porkchop Bubblgum and designs crazy custom hats. We are excited to have both Reid and Lindsey on board. (comment)

[01/07/08] Tommy Lee spotted wearing Junkytees

Tommy Lee wearing Ammo @ the grand opening of Cathouse in the Luxor, Las Vegas. Pictured with chef Kerry Simon and an unknown woman (image 1), and DJ Adam Freeland (image 2). (comment)

[12/03/06] Rob Holliday of Marilyn Manson @ Soulhaus

Rob Holliday of Prodigy and Marily Manson

Rob Holliday of the bands Marilyn Manson and Sulpher contemplates whether or not to Join a Gang at Soulhaus Menswear in Denver, CO. Thanks for the pic, Chris. (comment)