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NEW Printing Services

Due to many requests we have decided to open our print shop to the public. Because of the competitive nature of the industry our prices are available by request only. There are a few things to consider before we can give you an accurate quote. Please read the following info before filling out the quote request form at the bottom of the page.

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 Print Locations

Keep in mind, our maximum print size is currently 15.5" wide x 21.5" tall.

  • Full Front
  • Full Back
  • Left/Right Sleeve
  • Left/Right Chest
  • Inside Collar/Tag Print

 # of Colors

This is the number of colors in your design not including the color of the t-shirt.

 Quantity/Size Breakdown

Ex: S-12, M-12, L-10, XL-6 = 40 Total

 Garment Style

Here are a few of the most common styles available. Just because it’s not on this list doesn’t mean we can’t get it. We currently use Gildan, Jerzees, or Fruit of the Loom for our basic garments depending on current industry pricing.

We can also print on DJ slipmats and a variety of bags.

 Garment Color

These are the colors available on our basic tees, but you are not limited to this selection.

t-shirt colors

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Print Locations:
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Full Front Full Back Left Sleeve Right Sleeve
Left Chest Right Chest Tag/Inside Collar
# of Colors:*
Garment Style:
Garment Color:
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